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Pneumatic oscillating cutting inserts for MTH and all UTH (UWK adapter included)plus OEM users



Material of a wide selection can be cut with this insert. Also available is a UTH holder !
From techtex to cardboard, leather and foam etc.
Support pressure 2-6 bar
Weight without tools inserted  
Oszillating Tool Stroke frequency 4000-10.000 / min (up to 18.000 EOT)
Cutting speed of plotter max. speed of Wild TA 10-TA 100- !
Air consumption 150 l/min, oiled (POT)
Stroke 0.8 mm  (2.0 mm optional modell)


Inserts All popular blades marketed !
Tool inserts Please check disposables or contact us directly
 For UTH / UMW heads a set complete is offered as upgrade !