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Plotter Partner Firmen

Be part of the network!  Plotter companies worldwide, reseller and global corporate support crews:  profit from beeing "Wild Plotter PPP Plotter partner": 

- Special dispatch, reseller pricing and payment conditions - suporting even part-orders on the move - if needed.

- Protection by commissioning for your own customer base and service enduser as called up front

- MORE info will be available soon and sent upfront per email to you !

-Pricelist for spare-parts with discount per your status as "PPP partner 20xx" or as a service dealer only.

-PPP logo download

-support for you inventory (we will assist on any old, spare, defective and exotic  parts sitting in you stock) and offer credit or specials

-Sale of mucad machinery new cutter/plotter on commission base or directly possible

-"First comes" - availability of parts from our in house production line of new spares, exchange units and upgrades.



- Trained personal on the maschines worked with. Business lines established over the years of cooperation. Agreed credit lines and reseller discounts. Re-aproofed on a yearly confirmation base regarding the use of PPP-logo.

- Com pattern by home office support with mail response time less then 8 hours or call in response within this time frame.