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TPR - Toolhead 1 x tangential controlled tool, powered by a DC-motor with incremental encoder control
1 x drawing insert (compatible to all TA 10/100 drawing tools)
1 x milling tool (0..60000 RPM)
pneumatic tool-lowering, pressure adjustable: 1...2 bar for common materials
Stroke tooling adjustable max. 25mm
Stroke drawing pen 10mm
Support pressure 5 bar
Air consumption 20 l/min
Weight without tools inserted 2.9kg
Oszillating Tool Stroke frequency 4..8kHz
Cutting speed max. speed of Wild TA 10
Air consumption 150 l/min, oiled
Stroke 2 mm
Milling Tool Power consumption 150 VA
Inserts 1..4 mm
Tool inserts Knife insert with knife holder and slide ring. Standard knife holder for knife type 15. Other knife holders on request.
Creasing wheel insert with standard creasing wheel diameter 24mm, wide 1,5 mm; slide ring included. Other creasing wheels on request.
Plotting pen insert for standard ball point pen.  All equipment from TA 10 / 100 possible, on request.

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