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Flatbed plotter Wild / Leica

Flatbed machines of finest make. In use worldwide. For technical details and dimensions - check on the listing on the left. Usually we have most of the models as "used rebuilt carriers" in stock and can offer with tooling as needed. From new "MTH toolheads" produced by mucad and new inserts or with rebuilt original heads as requested. We ship world wide with support and long term warranties as requested.




 TA 41 C                  TA 40 C                      TA 400 C                      TA 510 C            TA 500 C      = single head

 TA 41 MC               TA 40 MC                    TA 400 MC                    TA 510 MC         TA 500 MC    = dual head     

 TA 41 Tp                TA 40 Tp                     TA 400 Tp                     TA 510 TP          TA 500 TP     = Pneumatik head


 TA 41 R                  TA 40 R                       TA 400 R                       TA 510 R            TA 500 R       = Milling 33/45 mm




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