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Flatbed plotter & cutter new or rebuilt











Below a typical small special of a used, rebuilt Wild/Leicad:  MME 10  Multifunctional unit at an extrem price. With a new TP toolhead and POT and new 2.2 KW pumpe, from Euro 15.000,-  kpl.  In small serien up to 3 units this samplecutters can be shipped out in around 30 day. To the left find sizes and modells

work surface 110 x 100 cm active
140 cm with - under beam and um to 22 mm for material thickness
Dims (L x B x H)

1580 x 1880 x 880 mm (without gantry tube)

  see TA 10 Familie
Tools & head all MWK-toolheads and POT/EOT oscillating inserts plus tang. and drag knive
Vakuum  2.2 / 3.0 / 6.0 KW  Pumpes as needed
Material let 25 mm maximum under beam / 49 mm optional
Materials From - Leather, Techtex, Carpets, Foams, Schablonen, Rubber - to Underwear
material in multilayers...
Software-Datenformat ASCII / optional TA 1000 HPGL controller

RS 232C

Optionen Conveyer
Stromversorgung 110 - 250 V AC-Autoswitch
50/60 Hz


One cutter for all kind of material, low price, easy to use, rugged und factorymobile and highly reliable !

With the MME-toolup you can design with a large selection of materials. At very low cost and space needed.

Dense cardboard or leather, underwear textiles and foam pades, the MME-series cutters can do samples and series for you.


The E- is for eccon. Here the tools and inserts are new, the pumps too - but the drive system is from a rebuilt TA 10 from Leica plotter. Usually mechanically like new - a rack and pinion frame. This way a price much lower than a new cutter is targeted when needed.

All options to strongest and newest technics are available up to PC-ebox with touch panel control and computer network input.

The vacuumbed ist optimized and tooled from 2.2 - 8.0 KW ! - depending need and sizes.

The new tool heads, starting with a Mucad TP and POT oszillating cutting tool and drag knive allow for sample cuts and didyma series. All with one unit and any place worldwide. Easy to move this unit in one piece.


A dispenser allows the rollup uf cover material for cutting downhold.

Knive and inserts are standard industrial as used in M- and T- plus Wild- series cutters.

Other sizes like the TA 10BL (160 x 180 cm) and TA 400 (200 x 120 cm) are offered with MME tools.


Your special materials - mobility plans worldwide - fast prototyping!  Please ask us, send in your samples and visit us when testing.