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ALL spare parts, exchange units and upgrades for WILD / Leica plotter - is one of our main topics ! PLUS - ask for Zund P-1200 to P-700 and Zund PN and G3 parts!


1/2018 - All spares,  parts, upgrades and exchange services for ALL WILD plotter are produced and available from MUCAD and Partners for OUR customers for the next years!

Plotter user update

Toutes les pièces de rechange, les groupes de rechange, les mises à jour et les agrandissements pour tous les traceurs des fabricants Leica / Wild – Wild Heerbrugg, Wild Plotter sont disponibles au minimum pendant les 10 prochaines années. Toujours en stock et en fabrication chez Mucad&Com. Nous mettons à jour vos machines à tout moment selon vos souhaits, avec délivrance de garantie !
Assistance complète pour utilisateurs des machines de série P de Zünd.
Et, bien sûr, des consommables originaux, le service d'affûtage de première main et à l'aide d'outils neufs ainsi que les têtes de Mucad permettent le traitement de nouveaux matériels.
Contactez-nous pour connaître nos prestations adaptées à vos besoins. N'oubliez pas d'enregistrer toutes vos machines dans notre système de service central pour que nous puissions vous fournir une assistance optimale.
En direct – ou à travers les partenaires de services PPP de Mucad&com.

Tutti i pezzi di ricambio, i gruppi di ricambio ricondizionati, gli upgrade e i retrofit per tutti i Leica / Wild - Wild Heerbrugg, Wild Plotter saranno disponibili per i prossimi 10plus anni. Saranno disponibili in magazzino e in produzione alla Mucad&Com. Macchine revisionate equipaggiate secondo le esigenze specifiche e con garanzia sono sempre in lavorazione!
Plus - Assistenza completa all'utente con macchine della serie P di Zünd.
E naturalmente materiali di consumo originali, servizio di affilatura di prima mano e con nuovi utensili e testine di Mucad in grado di trattare materiali nuovi. Testate le nostre prestazioni in base alle vostre esigenze. Accertatevi che le vostre macchine e versioni d'equipaggiamento siano nel sistema di assistenza centrale per potervi offrire la migliore assistenza. Direttamente o tramite i partner di assistenza PPP di Mudcad&com.

Todas las piezas de repuesto, unidades de cambio, actualizaciones y equipos para todos los Leica / Wild – Wild Heerbrugg, Wild Plotter están disponibles para los próximos 10 años. Siempre en stock y producidos por Mucad&Com. ¡Aquí siempre se suministran máquinas reparadas equipadas a medida de las necesidades del cliente y con garantías!
Además: respaldo total a los usuarios con máquinas de Zünd de la Serie P.
Y, por supuesto, consumibles originales, servicio de afilado de primera mano y con nuevas herramientas y cabezales de Mucad se pueden procesar nuevos materiales. Compruebe nuestros servicios para sus necesidades. Asegúrese de que su(s) máquina(s) y versiones de equipos estén en el sistema de servicio central para que podamos respaldarle de modo óptimo. Directamente, o a través del socio de servicio PPP de Mucad&com.

ALL spares, parts, exchange-units and upgrades for all LEICA/Wild Heerbrugg, WILD-plotter from Mucad&Com for the next 10plus years. Available in stock and always in production!
Plus-the original blades and services like re-sharpening. Plus -rebuilt machines are always in delivery here!
And – full support of users with Zund P-series machines if you not get support from older sources!
Upgrades like new toolheads for TA 30 – TA 100BXL allow for new materials and markets.
Be sure to be in the central support system with machine(s) and versions and for Mucad&Com partner-support and supply for your needs!

Alle Ersatzteile, Austauschgruppen, Modernsierungen und Aufrüstungen für alle Leica / Wild – Wild Heerbrugg, Wild Plotter sind für die nächsten 10plus Jahre verfügbar. Immer lagernd und in Fertigung von Mucad&Com. Überholte Maschinen gerüstet nach Wunsch und mit Garantien sind hier immer in Arbeit!
Plus – volle Unterstützung für Anwender mit P-Serie Maschinen von Zünd.
Und natürlich originales Verbrauchsmaterial, Schärfdienst aus erster Hand und mit neuen Werkzeugen und Köpfen von Mucad können neue Materialien verarbeitet werden.
Prüfen Sie unsere Leistungen für Ihren Bedarf. Seien Sie sicher, dass Ihre Maschine(n) und Ausrüstungsversionen im zentralen Service System sind, um optimal unterstützen zu können.
Direkt – oder über PPP-Servicepartner von Mucad&com.

We manufacture, stock and ship out spare parts since over 25 years independently- from our own production. This is the warranty for the part supply in the future for OUR customers.

From the TA 2 analog to the TA 5- series : Your product is protected and you can plan easy for the future. Problems created by missleading statements from some sales personal side can be clarified with us anytime !

+ Our in-house assembly shop produces yearly many 100x motor groups, exchange toolheads and all other units needed to keep all Wild/Leica plotter and some Zünd P-models supplied. So backup or contract-coverage for our customers is guaranteed     for the future.

+ Our self produced line of new toolheads - the mucad MTH series -  is used in production on most models all over the world!

+ Our agents in Asia and America have their own spares & parts in stock so they can supply as fast as possible.

+ We offer trade-ins for our older machine customers when new systems are delivered by mucad&com.

Our " SIMMULATOR ALLEY"  - see below - gives us the possibility for test all our new manufactured parts throughfully. Here we checkin returned exchange units and run longtime tests. Even better - in case of urgent demand because of disaster we may have your cutter / plotter ready for backup.





If you cannot locate the parts you need in our - (momentary older listing on the left ) - please contact us at Send your picture, reference number if on hand, consult your Manual or even call in.



Specials today:

1. Keyboardtop new for TA 500- TA 100 plotter: The original quality imprinted surface - for exchange of the screw version keyboard types.

2. Side channel blower: e.g. new vacuumpumps from  0.75 - 5.0 KW: at best prices

If you need more suction power or a stronger blower  -  please ask us our crew can install during service work or we can ship for self installation


Example: 1 x3phase 3.0 single-stage sidechannel blower  2.2 KW     Euro 980,-  minus 25% = Euro  735,- nett, FOB.



Special Info: check on main menu / downloads / for parts info