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Alles für "Wild Plotter - Leica Plotter -  Wild Heerbrugg cutter "   Support weltweit  Stand 2012: 

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The reorganization of the global support and supply for Wild / Leica Plotter - by mucad&com :

Spares and parts, exchange units and disposable for ALL Wild-Leica plotter, Wild Heerbrugg machines, Wild Plotter - for the next 10+ years! Be sure to have your machine(s) registered in Mucad central - with serial number and version pictured! Independent of the mucad&com partner supporting you. Order directly  or check with your support for availability.

MUCAD - as per press release today - is restructuring the supply, service & support as central organization. Worldwide, with already proven partners and experienced, trained reps. After Zund Switzerland has worldwide stopped the sale for the Wild plotter products just like the Mechatron machines or printers.