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9/2023        We deliver practically ALL blades, pens,milling bits etc. for ALL modells of plotter-cutters. Worldwide.

                  Your production wants to compare a free blade in true testing - just inform us and we ship allfree.

2022           New dispatch- service- and supportpartner in Germany. For EU and worldwide. Please contact:


                  Plus - new material dispatch center for Eastern Europe - comming soon

04/2020       FULL shipping & receiving without any delays. Spares and parts, tools and underlay materials on daily orders. Services like re-sharpening
                  with standard delay. Travel services on confirmation - here please ask. Stay healthy!

12/2019       Mucad ends the sales of all Summa machinery. We offer the full range of disposables from cutting blades to conveyorbands logically.                    
                  And - we wish all our customers the best of season holidy days. For 2020 we plan to extend
                  our global support and sales of all consumables for all flatbed cutters. Many thanks to all our customers!

09/2019       1000+ active customers can not be all that wrong. Our M+ Line of cutting tools, our spare parts supply and the support we try to offer best
                  possible makes 2019+ a busy time. Try us if you did not do so yet. Cutting blades and under-overlays shipped worldwide i.e.-  is one of
                  our services.

12/2018       Holiday closing is 2 weeks for Analog office & phone service! EMAIL support is available. Please consider you planing of disposables ! - Happy days!

01.July 2018   NEW ADDRESS - Starting first of July - we are located in our new office and dispatch center. Faster services from conveyor-bands
                    to machine-support and supply of disposables, spare part supply, etc.
                         Please note the new location for all shipping and receiving:

                   Fa. Ing. Roland Müller
                      MUCAD EUROPLOTTER

                      Rhombergs Fabrik / Haus E
                      Färbergasse 15
                      AT  6850  Dornbirn
                      Österrreich / EU
                      0043/5572 36005

12/2017       Holiday closing for basic office is 2 weeks. Epost support is provided. Happy holidays to all of you and best wishes and thank you!
                  And this years special goes as donation to the Yemen. Trying to make that cultural difference.

11/2017      END of ALL support for ALGOTEX  - All modells! Please mail in if you in-house crew wants to get some parts or if there are questions.
                 There is a special on "TKT upgrades" but that is about all the pain relieve that is offered!

 07/2017     New selection of underlay materials / cutting underlay, milling underlays and other protection materials and conveyor cuts plus
                 conveyorbands - for Zund plotter, Wild/Leica and many other cutter models. Please See mainmenu: consumables / underlays /
                 Plus - note the free shipping for knifes (new and re-sharpening) and small consumables for EU customers up from the 150,- Euro
                 See the new listings for the SUMMA F flatbed cutter knives under disposables incl. re-sharpening.

03/2017      NEW member of the Mucad EOT-family! The "EOT/F1.5" allows the use of rugged carbide blades with 1.5mm thickness. Now 3x
                 versions can be selected depending markets & material

2016-2017   ALL spares, parts, exchange-units and upgrades for all LEICA / Wild Heerbrugg, WILD-plotter from Mucad&Com for the next 10plus years.
                 Available in stock and always in series production.

                 Plus - the original blades and services like re-sharpening. Like in the days before i.e. Zund moved his new knife production outside the EU

                 And – full support of users with Zund P-series machines. Here you do not get support from central producer anymore !

                 Upgrades like new toolheads for Wild, Zund P- and retrofit modules for the PN-series allow for new materials and markets.

                 Plus -rebuilt machines are always in work and delivery here! With maintenance plans as per your companies demand.

                 Be sure to be in the central support system with your machine(s) and version(s) for Mucad&Com partner-support and supply for your needs!

09/2016        NEW! - Tool-head & Sets for the Zund PN-Series - The new line of Mucad MTH retrofit heads and tools does away with the limitations

                       for Zund plotter PN-users ( M- L- XL etc. line) WITH and without Z-Axis control. An addidion to the successfull Mucad MWK line since years used by

                       enduser and reseller.

                       The SUMMA F production line 2016 and growing!

03/2016        Hands on Demos here - the new laminator press from Zoller. Membran, glass, 5cm thick material.

08/2015        The NEW TT-DUALHEAD for ALL TA 41- & TA 5- plotter! Cut AND crease or CUT and KISS-CUT. This toolheads 

                       allows for new possibilities from packaging design to techtex, traffic-sign etc. Available with an optional camera-system

                       from Optiscout. So not only - all parts for all Wild Plotter, Leica Plotter and new - full support for the Zund P-user. With Upgrades!


05/2015   FESPA-See the future in flatbed cutters at the SUMMA booth! See the largest size

              of the F-flatbedfamily now with 265 x 305 cm!








12/2014        New Mucad toolhead-sets for the Zund PN-series and the MILLING -unit for the TA 410- & TA 5- users introduced

                      to our successful toolhead family. New use for older machines allows new markets and materials.

12/2014        Best season wishes to all our partners. Thank you for working with mucad&com and enjoy the holiday season!



2014/7:  30 years Mucad&Com 

Thank you ! - And please check for your " customer special offer" with mucad central.







2013/04TEXPROCESS 2013 - visit us and see the F16- SUMMA FLATBED cutter system!

   Textiles and Techtex processing. With EOT and POT tooling, conveyor transport and camerasystem shown in action!

See the data in the main menu. A FLATBED cutter system - far above regular plotters.


2013/02TKT-wide format printer offered to demanding users

Look at the data in the main menu. PRINTER Inkjet. Printing as quiet as below 28 dB ! And using recycled papers below 20 gramm. Go green and ask for the best exchange offer against your older marker/wide Format printer or units without Support. Delievered, exchanged, with warranty complete.


2012/10:  SUMMA F-16 series with milling / routing toolhead 

See the routing options with Z-axis as next upgrade. Like the "V-Cut inserts" this is another tool that is automatically recognized by the cutter system. See on main/plotter the data and choice.

2012/7:  Mucad MTH - new tools to load! The EOT-R and ERT-rotating tool added to the inserts. 

See data on main/toolheads by mucad - for data plus note the R65e as low-cost option for milling on older TA´s



Look at the data in the main menu. A flatbed cutter system far above regular plotters.


2012/2&4:  Open House - Mucad showing the SUMMA F-1612 .  From techtex to garment, membran to Didyma your solutions for productivity!



With the F1612 you have a powerful tool for your automated production.


2011:  The reorganization of the global support and supply for Wild / Leica Plotter - by mucad&com.

Spares and parts, exchange units and disposable for ALL Wild-Leica plotter, Wild Heerbrugg machines, Wild Plotter - for the next 10+ years! Be sure to have your machine(s) registered in Mucad central -with serial number and version pictured! Independent of the mucad&com partner supporting you.


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