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Since years Mucad configures and delivers worldwide to enduser or for software houses. These cutters, plotter und markers work in all kinds of applications from shoe to sign making. Packaging developement or technical textil. This too are reasons that we do not sell specific CAD design software.


Whatever state of the art with newest controllers, motorsystem, toolheads and optics or - on request "- all used" is asked for - your budget wishes can be respected best possible for your global needs.


Default warranties of 12 month on material can be negotiated if needed. Parts supply and upgrade warranties are usually 10+ years.


We configure the cutting systems as ordered. Size, toolhead or vacuum system and options depending market. The usual delivery is 30+ days after order-confimation. 


Even the rebuilt cutter machines can be ordered as offered in series up to 5 units.

New or rebuilt - Mucad works with you for a long time investment. Here - used machines are no single stories, even if savings are requested from your side.